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How I Got Here

Seriously, I don’t know. But doing what we (my husband and I) do is what I was meant to do. Some people never find it. Some people happen upon it. And some people make their destiny. I’m sure I’m a blend of all of these!

My bios from previous times in my career are funny and “sharp”. If I had to rewrite them here they’d still be funny and sharp.  I can say I’ve seen a lot as it relates to health, fitness, diet, weight loss, performance, and “aging” in the last 20 years.  With diet as the foundation for all the rest, we have a chance. But we can’t try to be fit, have great performance, or lose weight on a crappy diet. Not to mention – live longer. 

The “sharp” angle would be this: As Americans, we have choices. ALL THE CHOICES. We can eat whatever we want, regardless of the outcome: weight gain, metabolic disease, and/or increased health care costs (yep, I said it…see, I said “sharp”). Regardless if your choices hurt your health, your wallet, or your loved ones, you can make those choices. THAT’S what makes me mad. Now, I’m not for a country where the government tells us what to eat, but they kind of do already. The “food pyramid” 🙄…if we keep eating this way we’ll all look like pyramids.  Our health care system is so overwhelmed that diet and lifestyle changes aren’t the first choice in correcting metabolic disease. And the pharmaceutical industry has taken over as the first line of defense – over the more successful diet and lifestyle options.   But the REAL problem here is if someone does want to change their diet, where do they go for information. There are more “named” diets than there are named stars, I’d guess. This is where my experience has led me to be somewhat of a voice of reason in a time where you can claim your diet is no fat or all fat, no protein or all protein, and no carb or all carb. What works for you is what works for you. However, your blood doesn’t lie. So if you don’t feel good, you aren’t at an ideal body weight, your performance isn’t great and your health is bad, then maybe you need help making better choices in your diet. Again, the “sharpness” comes out as I say – we have too many choices. And I can help you make the right ones. 

Personally, I can make all of the excuses too – I’m too tired to train – I’m a female and I have hormones so I can overeat if I want to – If no one’s watching, it doesn’t count. I’m not perfect. I feel like I’ve done it all so it’s easier to help others through it. 

I’m your typical female – not gonna claim anything super special and definitely not going to over-represent myself on social media. Occasionally I’ll post a workout video but normally of a failure – just to show it’s fun to screw up. I’m blunt but always with a lot of care behind it. No one of character wants a yes-man (or yes-woman) – and you won’t find it here. 

The down and dirty – I believe in what works. And almost everything works if you stick to it. Sticking to it is hard, though. But I can help in that department. I’m no cheerleader, but as a realist, I can punch you in the face with the facts versus a pom pom and have the same effect. Try me!