New Projects = Tough Love

Our new project is a CrossFit gym for ages 55+! Many might think “why”? I think “why not?…are you kidding”…there’s more need there!”

There’s more need from a fitness perspective, and there’s DEFINITELY more need from a diet perspective. Although the Baby Boomer Generation and the prior Greatest and Silent Generations we train actually have a closer proximity to eating a whole foods, natural diet than do later generations! You’d think it would be easier.

Coming soon: The Basics. I’m sick to death of all the latest and greatest fads. Most of the time, making it simple works. Back to basics works. The “what” is not hard…the how and the social aspect and the food company marketing IS HARD. Stick with me here and we’ll unravel it. With a little in-your-face tough love, we can all make the most important change that will keep us healthy and disease free (or free-er) longer!